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The Choice - Sarah Blackwells

Astrea Thea Faith, a 16 yr old girl who faced alot at home and is suicidal yet she never let's the world know what she is actually until she meets two most important people of her life

Xavier Knight, 16 yr old suicidal teen, who crossed paths because of their mutual friend Caroline White.

Alex Ryder Gonzalez, 16 yr old guy with a dark past yet looks so full of life again same like Xavier he too crossed paths with Astrea again because of their mutual friend who is her classmate
Lisa Wells.

Both the boys made a place in her heart, both of them are important to her. She can't lose either of them.

So what will happen now? Whom will she choose? Will she choose Xavier? Or will she choose Ryder?
Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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