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Silverhollow - Sab Gonzaga

I felt my body shaking as I glared at him. I felt my eyes slightly burn, but no tears came running down my cheek. I was angry. They brought this upon my life. I was perfectly happy before coming here. I made a sound that I didn't recognize. It started from the pit of my stomach, making my insides rumble and out of my clenched teeth.

"Calm down, Ariana. Calm down," Niklaus said gently, "Breathe."

"STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!" I yelled at him.

Nik took his phone out of his pocket and turned the screen to me. The reflection was someone I do not recognize. Her raven hair was unruly. She looked too pale to even be alive. But what made me more livid is her eyes. They were not the green ones I got from my father. They were golden and glowing.


When Ariana King's father moved them from New York to his hometown, she expected a nice quiet life. She had plans. She will graduate highschool with honors, go to college and be a doctor and have a successful career. Plain and simple.

But nothing in Moon Valley is plain and simple.

Soon, Aria found herself stuck in a strange place with strangers and life became dangerous and complicated. Her plans thrown out the window. Will she ever find her way back or will she choose to embrace her new life?


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