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Second Chances - Monmoncheese

"I don't believe you." Noah said.

I don't believe myself either. I thought.

"Well, you should because I'm not lying. You thought I felt something for you. But, you were wrong. I feel nothing for you" I said with a monotone voice pretending to be brave.

But I was dreadful of his next words.

"If that is how you truly feel than I am sorry for barging into your life and thinking you ever cared about me. Have a good life. And good-bye, Gabriella." He said, his voice breaking. No longer calling me 'Ella' but instead Gabriella. I saw his jaw clenching under the moonlight. I hated myself for doing this to him but there was nothing else I could do.

The wind blew along with the rain and I shivered.

"Bye, Noah." I said.

This was the end of us.

(Cover made by @stayouttamybubble)

© 2018 by MonMoncheese

Started 08/01/2018

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