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Player's Handbook (completed) - Blacklivesmatter ✊🏿

29 rules to being a player, 29 rules that must be followed. In this game you can't change for no woman, not even the prettiest ones. It's all about getting laid, no babies but fuck her like you want to make a baby. Most importantly, DO NOT Fall in love.

The creator of the Player's Handbook in the great city of Los Angeles Christopher Maurice Brown, has never been in a committed relationship. It's always been about sex, not only that he has never met a woman who was real with him. Being a billionaire comes with trust issues, in his group of friends he's the only one not married with kids. He's okay with that until he fucks the wrong woman, a woman who is at first mysterious to him. He keeps finding himself at her door step, he keeps trying to find her in other woman, he keeps feeling jealous noticing she's paying attention to other men, what he discovers is that he's met the female version of him, and the feelings he's catching for her are real. He finds himself stuck between chasing her or following his Player's Handbook he's had since high school.


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