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My Song For You (fame #1) - Laeti

*cover by FlowerOfCamelis*

She's a small town girl who's moving to New York City because her dad's job is transferring him. He's a teen celebrity who's going to public school after a huge meltdown so he could clean up his act.

Maybelle Stewart and Austin Bolton could not be more different. Maybelle was hoping to get away from her past but after bumping into the teen celebrity who captured everyone's heart, she's not sure she can hide it.

Austin is obnxious, seflish, and spoiled. Maybelle is stubborn, sarcastic, and moody. When the two are stuck together because of two school projects and sharing all classes, Maybelle's worried her secrets will be discovered. Until she finds out what the teen celebrity has been hiding from his fans.

Their mutual hatred for each other could be the only thing that saves them from their secrets.

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