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My Abused Mate - Ellie

Holly Smith had a rough 8 years, her father died in a tragic car accident and then her mother was depressed and then met her abusive step-father and then her mother committed sucicide. Her step-father hits, punches and has even raped her. They move around a lot as teachers had noticed her bruises. Oh and I forgot to mension, Holly isn't normal she is a werewolf and has been hoping to find her mate all her life.

It all got better when she moved to Chicago, where she meets Ryder. The Alpha of the Crystal Wolf's pack.

Ryder is a player and has a cold heart. He doesn't believe he can find happiness as he thinks he killed his little brother when his father and him where fighting about Ryder's mother who died , when a gun was involved and Johnny (Ryder's brother) was killed.

What happens when Holly moves into Ryder's land and the pair meet.

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