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Heart Of Glass - Mel-belle

Sherwood Institute for the Magically Afflicted. A refuge for those seeking remedy from curses, hexes and other fantastical ailments.

In one night, Ariel Winters went from socialite wannabe to cursed freak. Her heart is turned to glass by a vengeful witch and she is shipped off to Sherwood Institute to find a cure.

While receiving treatment, she meets a demonic mobster with anger issues, a timid girl who grows a fish tail when water touches her skin, a beast boy who is kinder than his brutish appearance...

As time passes, these damaged people slowly wind their way around her fragile heart. Can Ariel learn to trust them enough to let them into her heart? Or will her new found friendships shatter it before a cure can be found?

This will be book 1 in what is tentatively titled The Sherwood Chronicles.

Copyright © Melissa Lucas 2013 All Rights Reserved. No part of this literary work may be reproduced or used without written consent from the author.
The images in the cover do not belong to me and all rights go to their respective owners.

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