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From The Ashes - Curly Fries

Commander of the royal guard Aadya Omisha and rebel Lilith Fermi are on opposite sides of an almost war. The kingdom of Emotora is not the fairy tale land that outsiders believe it to be. The citizens are scared out of their mind of King Nio and Queen Sora, and their royal guard, headed by Commander Omisha. On the other side there is the rebellion. Headed by Cellian Rona, the rebellion is made of those brave enough to stand up to the tyrannical rule of the throne.

Commander Omisha is cold and cruel, taking no prisoners as she tries to squash the traitors of the rebellion, sometimes known as the phoenix rebellion. Lilith just wants freedom for her sister and her kingdom, and while bloodshed isn't what she wants, she will do what it takes to survive.

A story of war, love, death, and life, with plenty of epic sword fights and a little bit (or maybe a lot, thanks, Xena) of pyromania.

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