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Ebony Wings - «liv»

Protecting her was duty.
Falling for her was forbidden.
Being with him was all that mattered.

When Ali Bliss makes the quick decision to enrol at University she can practically taste the freedom. It was everything she could have hoped for and more. Much more, as she was to discover on the sunrise of her nineteenth birthday.

Lost in the world of a superior race, survival begins to take on a whole new meaning when Ali realises she not only fights for her own life but for the lives of thousands of other humans just like herself. That is, once they figure out a way to eradicate an entire army of Fallen Angels.

Their journey takes them from the tame English countryside to the wild, unexplored Russian mountain ranges in search for a being only heard of in angelic folklore, which may just have the answers they are looking for.

And if things couldn't get more complicated in Ali's life, she can't help but do the one thing she has been forbidden from doing. Despite her best efforts she begins to fall for the one man she can't have - the man with the Ebony Wings.

(NB: This is a completed, standalone novel.)

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