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Dear Neighbor Boy, - Pastelgen22


We both inched closer and closer until our lips were brushing against each other like some sort of tease.

But before we could go any further, I stopped and leaned back. He looked confused and disappointed for some reason.

"I can't..."


Hazel Ambrielle is as lame as it gets. She stays up extra late on Friday nights to read or watch Disney movies in bed. She's never been to a high school party and doesn't drink. When she moves to a new town with her mom and six brothers to escape their past, she expects life to stay the same.

Asher Grey is the big bad popular boy of Glenwood High. He's hooked up with girls at parties and forgotten them the day after too many time to count. He's an egotistical boy that just can't be bothered. His heart string can't be tugged on.

That is until he wakes up to find himself with a new neighbor. A cute girl with glasses and a big family. For the first time in forever, he feels something for a girl other than lust.

Hazel denies the unfamiliar feeling she gets around Asher. She's been hurt too badly to give into someone like him who's bound to do the same. But she can't help but let her walls come down when she sees how they bring out the best of each other.

He brings out her hopeful side and she brings out his dorky side.

[[WARNING: This story deals with themes of violence and abuse]]

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