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Clash - Sabrina Juliet

"How could something so incredibly wrong, feel so right?"

Ivory (Ivy) Taylor has the perfect life. She's a senior in high school, she's captain of the cheer team, has wonderful friends, and the perfect boyfriend. Oh? And by the way, those of which are all full-fledge werewolves. In fact, her perfect boyfriend also happens to be her mate or so that's what she, as a regular human, was told. Thus, Ivy is a human living in the midst's of the wolf world and is expected to one day become Luna of an incredibly powerful pack.

However...what happens when Adam Grey, a distant nephew of the rival pack, becomes rightful Alpha after his uncle unexpectedly passes in a mysterious tragedy? More importantly though, the impossible occurs when he suddenly spots Ivy and undoubtedly realizes she's his mate, his everything.

If that wasn't enough to fuel a fire filled with lies, deception, love, and vicious battles there also seems to be something, or more someone, watching Ivory from within the shadows.

Ivory is just an ordinary human girl, surrounded by extraordinary creatures and soon, without even having time to realize it, everything will suddenly... CLASH.

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