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A Touch Of Sin - Allisfairinlove&war

'To win a war she was born into, she had to have the Devil on her side.'


Nephele thought she was normal. She had considered herself average, even with the demons that trailed behind her like a looming shadow.

But that was before.

When a mysterious man, who she encounters multiple times, kidnaps her and takes her to his home, a home the mundane call 'Hell', she is lost. She doesn't know what to do, nor why the mysterious man makes her feel things that should only exist in books and television shows.

But when things get dramatically worse, otherworldly beings threatening her life, she is even more lost that she has ever been; even more so than when she was younger.

In a compassionate story about betrayal, heartbreak, growth and love, Nephele navigates the new life she was thrown into, and must bring this life to an end before its too late.


(Mature Content - Viewer Discretion advised)



Cover credit to @darkly

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